Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Lost 12


While construction is destroying downtown Cincinnati, the Rail Cult is eliminating parking with big ugly boxes EVERYWHERE !
Does John Deatick even care? He rides a BICYCLE !
He can postulate all he wants about 'finding' 12 more spaces, but what he really is saying is FUCK YOU to the upstanding motorists - the ones who make things happen, the hard workers, the ones who don't use socialist roadways.
Hopefully, Harry Black will straighten this up & remove the incompetents.

Learn more about the havoc as John London tries not to cry here

If you have cars, you just can't have nice stuff

In response to the guy taking his wife & kids on a kill crazed joyride through a parade, scattering and injuring people, the organizers are calling off their Halloween Zombie Walk.
Here's hoping the next time this jerk gets tired of waiting, he's stopped at a railroad crossing.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lauren Nichols Crowned Clark County Fair Queen

Lauren Nichols, Clark County Fair Queen 2014

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Dark Side of the SDCC pt2

WXIX came up with this headline for this story about sexist behavior at the San Diego Comicon.
I never really did the comic book convention thing and when I did, there weren't that many people dressing up in super hero outfits. The WXIX story discusses how women who dress up like super heroines & fantasy characters, they resent people taking pictures of them. Sorry, that's just part of going out in public in a crazy outfit.
However, blogger, editor, and writer Valerie D'Orazio has brought up other issues that are not ok. She found the working staff at comic book companies to be very sexist. She also noticed at conventions, the fans love getting their pictures taken with the comic book creators. Most of the fans are geek boys and they usually stand next to the male artists & writers smiling. But when they pose with the females, they are always putting their arms around them. The XIX article claims much groping of the women is common. Dunno if the hugging is part of the groping. The thing is, it goes much deeper than what XIX covers.
Here's the deal, if you go out in a weird costume, expect people to oggle, but your right to swing your fist ends at my nose. That is, keep your hands to yourself.
If you've seen The Big Bang Theory, those guys are not far off. Most comic fans aren't physicists, however.

Dark Side of the SDCC pt1

I was at a parade recently and a couple people who were 'caught' by the parade were really surprised when a police officer informed them that they could not drive out onto the street against the parade.
Similar arrogance was seen in San Diego the other day when motorists were 'caught' by a Zombie Walk parade held in conjunction with the San Diego Comicon. The walk was not an official function of the Convention.
While most all the drivers accepted the insanity, one driver couldn't tolerate it, started blasting his horn and began to just force himself through. As parade members expressed their outrage, hitting the car & it's windows, the driver decided to just pound down on the accelerator as he drove through the crowd. One person was hospitalized and may not have even been involved with the parade.
Police have said that charges will likely not be filed.
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Boring Banks

The Fishwarp asks Are the Banks too boring?.
Not if the intention is resemble a suburban branch bank, however it wasn't too long ago, well, OK, about 10 years ago, we were treated to renderings like the one above to help envision the new part of downtown.
I think a pyramid would be cool. It would kinda be like bookends on Ohio wht with Clevo hosting the RnRHOF.
oh well, It's all just going to collapse next time the New Madrid fault shifts and turns Cincinnati and a few other midwest cities into Port Au Princes...

Here is the original plan.

Should Cincinnati Build a Floating Necropolis ?

yeah, I know most of the river belongs to KY but what the heck?
This Necropolis is meant to float in the middle of the Dead Sea.
This Columbarioum is designed to float off the shore of Hong Kong.
We might have to go with a columbarium due to size constraints and we absolutely can't let Jeff Ruby run the thing, but it would add a lot of appeal to the riverfront and add an alternative to people's choices for interment. Given Cincinnati's and Cincinnatian's connection to the Ohio River, it seems a lot of people would want to connect their remains to the river.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

They're Back…

After CO    & OVIP failed to screw over lifelong Cincinnatian, Randy Simes & block him from voting in his hometown…
They decided to try again. Must be nice to have all that time and money to persecute decent folks and try to ruin their lives.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Personal Freedom

As a person who has bike camped I certainly see the merit to this product, Palcohol. As a person who has 'snorted' before, I can difinitely say the guy is right about snorting that whole bag vs. slamming down the shot.
Of course, our fearless leaders in Columbus are working on aborting Palcohol. Typical pro business, small limited government I guess…
Why don't we see how this works before we take on more prohibitions?
Probably tastes like crap, anyway.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rails to Runways

Th Cincinnati Business Courier reports on a plan to run a train from CVG to downtown Cincinnati.
I don't really get it. Driving, taking taxis or using the TANK shuttle bus, I have never encountered traffic issues using the roadways to get to the airport.
Pretty much nobody uses the shuttle bus with premium seats & a TV to boot. Seems to pretty much just used by airport workers.
If I were driving from Finneytown or Felicity, I don't know why I would stop in downtown Cincinnati rather than just keep on the highway & go to the airport. I guess, in the wintertime, it might be nice to park in a garage rather than park outside on a high plain.
Another plan is to run the train to Union Terminal. That would mean another bus ride or a bikeshare run to the Government Square which would be obnoxious with much luggage.
Todd Portune likes the idea...

High Tech Urns

With the advent of 3D printing, 3D scanning & modeling, your funerary urn designs about limitless nowadays. Imagine an urn shaped like your head? Your skull? Your BUTT!?!?!
Foreverence made a giant Devo hat for Bob Casale's cremains. Not too impressive but it's a start for what crematiophiles can do in the future.