Monday, December 22, 2014

Fabled Enchantresses

The December 22, 1958 issue of Life magazine featured a collection of images of Marilyn Monroe posing as older film stars including Lillian Russell, Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, and Cincinnati's own Theda Bara. It was titled Fabled Enchantresses.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

Xmas in Porkopolis - 1936

While I generally don't like cheesy audio on these old silent films, it might be ok for this one.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Christmas Carol

Vincent Price talks ghosts.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stiffs & Land Use

The population bulge of Baby Boomers is kicking the bucket & their wave of influence is heading to the graveyards. The thing is, more and more people are choosing cremation over traditional burial. 42% of people are opting for cremation nowadays & that's freeing up some real estate in the boneyard while, at the same time, sparking an uptick in columbarium construction.
This could be another opportunity for the City of Cincinnati to exploit the vacant land at Wesleyan Cemetery on it's wester (rear) side.
The financial dept at Blogging Isn't Cool is all tied up decorating for Saturnalia right now so I can't give good numbers on what the ROI for a columbarium at the site would be but it would have to be better than just letting it sit there.

More at the Fishwarp

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sometimes the barrel of a gun is just the barrel of a gun

There's been a trend over the years that hasn't been proper;y identified. People calling it out as being a race issue are muddying the waters & undermining real solutions.
The big news was out of Ferguson, MO where a cop killed a guy who was acting in a belligerent manner. A cop in Cleveland killed a 12 year old without really assessing the situation. In Beavercreek, OH cops killed a guy in a Wal Mart who was fidgeting with a pellet gun while BSing with his girlfriend on the phone in the pet food aisle. In Atlanta a campus cop killed a student for basically walking around stoned. A few years ago a Cincinnati man was shot while being questioned by police when he threw a knife to the side.
Some of the police were white, some black. Some of the killed were white, some black.
People who know how to stir the race pot are fixating on white police killing black suspects while ignoring the unnecessary killings of white suspects, especially when killed by black cops. While some of the folks were resisting arrest, others were not. Some of the cases involved completely unreliable 911 calls & the police failing to properly assess the situation when they arrived on the scene. Cherry picking along racial lines & lumping the killings together misses the true police failings.
The problem is not racism. If the white police of America were really conspiring to wipe out black America, they would be done by now.
The problem is trigger happy cops who feel they can kill with impunity because they have a badge.
and, pr their indictments, that's pretty much the case.
The latest instance of the shoot first, ask questions later was the slaughter of a mountain lion in Paris, KY.
So, you see, it's not just relegated to killing people - it's pretty much anything that moves.
Fixating on the phony genocide issue does no good. Lumping real criminal activity with non criminal activity does no good. The armed vs unarmed crap makes no sense. The problem is issuing lethal weapons to twitchy people, not issuing non lethal alternative weapons to these people & not training these guys to be patient and to properly assess situation on scene.
And we need to focus on that and not on incidental coincidences.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Northside Second Saturday

What to do, What to do...
HEY!, It's Northside Second Saturday this weekend!
We can decorate the park, have wine tastings, listen to choral, country & reggae music, and check out photography exhibits and MORE!
Here's jus some of the wondrous things going on!

Light up Hoffner Park
Hoffner Park

White Elephant vinyl night gift exchange
4114 Hamilton Ave.

Billy Catfish
Northside Tavern
4163 Hamilton Ave.

Vocal Arts Christmas Concert
St Boniface
1750 Chase Avenue

Tantrum Turns 3
Tantrum, Northside
4183 Hamilton Ave.

Reggae Night
4579 Hamilton Ave.

Sidewinder Holiday Second Saturday
Sidewinder Coffee
4181 Hamilton Ave.

Northside Photo Show
Chicken Lays an EGG
4178 Hamilton Ave.

Photography Show at Galaxie Northside
Galaxie Skateshop Northside
4202 Hamilton Avenue.

Second Saturday Wine Tasting!
The Listing Loon
4124 Hamilton Ave.

Wine + Cookies = Kisses (from your happy pet)
Northside Grange Pet & Urban Farm Supply
4116 Hamilton Ave.

The Bizarre World of John Cranley

Cincinnati's mayor< John Cranley, who has never proved he is a human and not a shape shifting alien chimera/lizard/bug/man thing, has concluded that an infrastructure project at $85,000 under budget, is a financial disaster.
He's made these claims before when he blew millions of $ to come up with the same numbers the 'incompetent' staff had already come up with.
In other news, he has halted a sewer project mid stream with no input from the Sewer District of county commissioners.
Maybe he just gets cranky this time of year because of all the elf jokes...

Apple Street Market

Apple Street Market posts a video with more mushy music to promote their CoOp market in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood.
The lady discussing the amount of time it takes to get to the nearest Kroger ain't kidding. Fortunately, I can still ride a bike but that's not always possible in the winter.