Monday, September 01, 2014

Horror Sells

Home improvement stuff.
Well, in Germany...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

How Much More Can Cranley Spend ?

Dude is nuts. He's looking at every way possible to derail the Cincinnati Streetcar that already has substantial investment but he's also wanting to spend more money to re-engineer a dangerous highway exit ramp that had been slated for removal 10 years ago.
Cranley's new ramp, conceived in a fairly Monzellian manner will only cost $35M and will not have much impact since there's another ramp about a mile down the road. The city does not have $35M but that's OK.
What's really killing the city however is the crushing cost of operating a streetcar @$3M/yr. Never mind that Cranley is the only person in the world who thinks construction of said streetcar is running behind schedule & over budget (wait - didn't he 'pause' work & squander about a million dollars??), what are the chances that this new interchange will be on time and on budget?
This is the guy the spending hawks chickens endorsed?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The New Stalins

When Bill Burroughs said there would be no more Stalins, I don't think he had social media & the intertubes in mind. Granted the people using the relatively new communication portals are indeed finding themselves intheir positions quite by accident but nowadays people are finding they can silence or 'disappear' a person with the tap of a button. It's almost like something out of a 1960s British science fiction movie.
People try having forummers deleted due to their profile pictures. If admins won't do it the offended appeal to their corporate gods. People are and their posts picked off by admins who make unilateral decisions in the blink of an eye without consulting their co-administrators.
When forum programmers built in safety devices to promote 'civil discussion', they created a whole new class of censors who could, anonymously, act as cyber terrorists against whomever they disagreed with.
Just in recent weeks I have seen so many immature, knee jerk attacks here and there by administrators, against administrators and between forummers - it's making my head spin.


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Horror Sells

The Burril's do the ice bucket challenge with, of course, red ice water.
What else would the independent horror film makers use?
They're most famous work, likely being Chainsaw Sally, the strict moralist librarian with a penchant for revenge and mayhem.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Brown - Feel the Crave!

With Burger King making moves to maybe move to Canada, home of bankrupting socialized health care. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is urging people to go with the crave and eat at White Castle instead of Burger King.
I'd say it's kind of un-American to support a fast food chain that supports classism anyway.
wait - does a castle support classism?
My head hurts.
Anyway, he also suggests people get their junk food on at Ohio based Wendy's.
It all seems kind of silly but I really dislike tax dodgers.

Fishwarp semi story here

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Blast from the past

The oft forgot, original streetcar route as envisioned by rail cultists in Cincinnati.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Dodds Monuments

Kind of a cool ad for a memorial company. I like the way it pushes the traditional, the eternal, and the contemporary in just a few seconds.
FWIW, this business is in Xenia, OH. When the town got creamed by a tornado in the spring of 1974, everything across the street from the seriously cool building got flattened. Dodds stood firm with not even a broken window.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Choosing a Loser

I'm really torn. The HamCoDems had a primary & picked a guy, Sean Feeney to tun for Hamilton County Commissioner. The Republican incumbent, Chris Monzel ran unopposed.
Monzel pissed off a lot of people by thwarting the people's right to vote & concocting a half assed 'compromise' regarding an "Icon Tax", a move that also proved divisive socially.
So, looking vulnerable, the HamCoChair starts looking for more viable candidates to replace Feeney. Feeney refused to step aside and now Jim Tarbell, who ran a REALLY terrible campaign against Monzel, has stated he will run as a write in candidate.
Great. A split democratic ticket. A spit Democratic ticket didn't hurt Truman but Lincoln definitely benefitted from one.
As I write this, Tarbell hasn't even announced of his candidacy on FaceBook that he is in the race. Takes like 1 sentence? (I have been told he tweeted a notice)
Feeney is waiting for money and endorsements and doesn't appear to be campaigning.
Looks like Monzel, one of the failingest politicians in the world universe, has a cakewalk to re-election.
So, what to do? Do I vote for the kid who followed the democratic process? Do I vote for the more qualified but passively opportunistic Tarbell?
We're in this situation because Hamilton County Democrats were asleep at the wheel or Burke & Triantifilou brokered another sweetheart deal. Hamilton County should be able to do better. Even the winner of this race is going to be a loser.