Friday, October 24, 2014

Rethinking Death

The history of the funeral process is interesting in this TedX chat but the stats on materials 6 ft under is pretty amazing.
Wood for 4M homes, 90M tons of steel, 2B tons of concrete, 800,000 gallons of embalming fluid/yr…
Mr Wilde (of the Wilde Funeral Home, LOL) also discusses green & DIY funerals.


WLWT Reports that people are stealing manhole covers. Well, actually sewer grates, but they posted this picture of a manhole cover.
The story says they cost $120 but the damage to you, your car, bike or segway, if you hit the hole, could be much more costly.
So, to get some revenue, maybe the city could sell miniature replicas of their manhole covers to use as trivets. Meanwhile, start using covers & sewer grates made out of something other than metal, like fiberglass. That is, generate a new revenue stream & curb losses.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Twisting, Spinning GOP Dervish Strikes Again

Apparently Chairman Al doesn't know the difference between true conservatism and democracy denying, statist, big brotherism.
Perhaps what he meant to say was that Monzel was a dictatorial fascist engaged in divisive class warfare - painting Music Hall supporters as elitist and not really in line with the rest of the county.
What the Hell, worked for Hitler & Reagan…

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Horror Sells - kinda

The National Wildlife Federation wants us to know bears will be one of our biggest allies in the coming zombie apocalypse.
I don't think their science is so hot, tho. If we could bite back, wouldn't it have been documented in some horrible movie?
Further, if their bites turn you into a zombie, wouldn't it make sense that biting the zombie have the same infectious result? Or is it just that you die what makes you a zombie….
fuck it, time travel is easier…

Read more at CNET

Betty Does Halloween

Not really a Betty Boop fan but that 'Witch Paint' is pretty awesome.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Luken v. Winkler

Glad WKRC is getting these political candidate Newsmakers shows out earlier that usual this year.
Dan Hurley interviews Charlie Luken & Ralph Winkler/
BiC HATES political dynasties & this is a war between dynasties but as much as I dislike both of these guys, Winkler comes off really bad. Luken is a much better speaker & that makes sense with his experience as a TV announcer. Winkler's voice is what it is, but his body language is terrible.
Add to that, the Winklers belief that they shouldn't have to take budget cuts when the county is hurting for money, that they should get free junkets off to posh resorts, I don't see this guy as someone I want on the bench.
We're going to have to go with Luken on this one.

Josh Mandel's BS Called Out

man, this guy is a weasel...

A Return to Monarchy

With all the crap going on in SE Europe & Russia rattling it's sabers, fucking Romania, a republic, Is talking about going back to being a monarchy.
I honestly don't know how precedented this is but it does fall in line with the rise in nationalism throughout Europe & the rest of the world.
It would certainly be a real life Conservative thing to do. Wonder if the royalty would take over the church, too?

Read more at The Romanian Insider

Read even more at >The Romanian Insider

Hurley with Chabot & Kundrata

Steve Chabot blames everybody else & Fred Kundrata pledgs bi-partisan efforts.
Why does nobody call out Chabot for his reckless obstruction that is killing any chance for jobs creation & stalling any kind oeconomic recovery on Main Street?
Kundrata is right that Chabot is an extreme ideologue. He is a danger to our nation and, with all his saber rattling, the world.

Watch the interview here

Monday, October 20, 2014

John Cranley, Cincinnati's Own Vladimir Putin

A group of Russia experts got together to try to guess Vlad Putin's next moves. Their evaluation of Putin's strategies seem very John Cranleyish.
Divide & divide, stir people up & then swoop in with a seemingly reactionary plan.
And all of it stemming from an insatiable lust for control and power.
He (Gary Kasparov) said that, rather than marching across the border, Russia would try to stir up some pro-Moscow "form of dissent" in the Baltics. This would allow Russia to maintain plausible deniability and characterize any military action in the region as a reaction — something that would make it difficult for NATO members to call it an invasion.
What may be most disconcerting about Putin in general, however, is his lack of predictability. All of the panelists agreed on one thing: Putin's end goal is to stay in power. And if that goal is suddenly best furthered through making noise in the Baltics, then there's a very real possibility he'll take action.
"We're talking about a man who doesn't have a plan. So we're trying to figure out what his plan is, but he doesn't have one," Gessen said. "He sees that as an option. It is definitely an option, he is considering it, and he may wake up one morning and do it."
But, hey, maybe annexing some nearby towns might be a good idea.

More on Vlad here.

Horror Sells

Well, maybe not horror, but Halloween. Apparently this is considered a sexist ad, altho I'm pretty sure few women are being forced into wearing these costumes. In fact, going out in slutty costumes seems pretty popular for young women.
I recommend, horror.
and gore
and outer space aliens
and robots
and zombies

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Rail Towers of Springfield, OH

For you train fetishists.
I remember some of these from biking around in the county. It should probably be called The Rail Towers of Clark County.

The Freaks & Geeks of Halloween

I liked this show, Freaks & Geeks. Kinda sappy but, what the heck. Anyway this episode brings up an aspect of Halloween celebration that is really interesting.
People spend the most money on Christmas but Halloween is #2. Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial day - while people vary their celebrations a bit, they all tend to do the same thing. There is a single underlying theme in all those holidays. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus (on the wrong day), 4th of July - American independence, Thanksgiving - start of the Christmas shopping season...
Halloween is all over the map.
For some it's dress up, whorish dress up, slasher movies, horror movies, food ffod & more food, pranks, whatever. A small minority of people celebrate it as Samhain or as a time when the departed ancestors are closest to the dimension of the living.
In the TV episode the family is split between the parents & their 2 kids and the evolution of their attitude and approaches to the holiday.
The cookies in the front yard with ants all over them is one of my favorite parts.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Brad Wenstrup is a GENIUS!

What a way to meet chicks! Women 4 Wenstrup has gotta be just brilliant!!
OK, it's on, Women 4 Quimbob is taking registrations NOW !!

Keeping it Vague

Monzel, detail light bistro math self promotion. Monzel will save bazillions by coming up with tax schemes written on used Skyline napkins.