Thursday, January 29, 2015

Don't Give Fox Another Chance

It appears Fox TV wants the rights to The X-Men.
Comic book super heroes are science fiction. Science fiction requires $$$ to produce. It takes time to develop the characters & universe. It would take less if you just used what was already developed but Hollywood knows better. But Fox wants instant results and has killed science fiction shows too many times.
Let somebody else develop comic book TV. Fox isn't mature enough & will just ruin franchises for other companies to produce. The X-Files came along when Fox had nothing. It would never have lasted a season nowadays.
Fox, step away from the art boards...

The Indignation

While Blogging Isn't Cool will no doubt be snubbed by the pretenders at City Bleat (again), their petty jealousies only make me laugh.
Now, Cincy Magazine has snubbed Quimbob in their 2015 Power 100. 'The Tristate's most influential CEO's, politicians and civic leaders', indeed. Most of those guys tremble at the mention of my name. They bow before me in my top secret hidden lair floating invisibly over the Queen City ass they seek my advice and acceptance.
These silly muckraking publications know no honor nor do they show even basic respect.
Their time will come...

∃ ∀ ∈ ⊕

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hollow Word Theory

Cincinnati mayor John Cranley quotes ex-Cincinnati councilman, Paul Booth as saying, "We will be judged not by what we say but by what we do"
So does this mean you can say whatever because you won't be judged or that you will be judged for breaking your promises ?
Maybe words are just hot air said for one's convenience. Maybe they represent what you do. What is significant about Booth's words? Apparently nothing.

FCC & The Intertubes

FCC commissioner Ajit Pai discusses Netflix, net neutrality, politics, municipal broadband & such.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


OK grade Z horror movie makers, here's my idea. You can have it.
As people are opting more and more for cremation, the severity of a zombie apocalypse is quickly deteriorating to a 'zombie problem'.
But what if the ashes / cremains came back & blew in the wind like in dustbowl times and people couldn't keep them out of their homes, off their bodies & out of their noses, mouths and lungs. The powdered zed could wreak havoc on the warmie flesh bags from within.
And since people are so fond of dumping people's cremains into rivers, lakes & oceans, they could come in in liquified states via beaches, river beds and even through the plumbing.
When you combine this double whammy ~ boy fucking howdy ~ ZOMNADO !!.
you're welcome

Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey, Big Brother, GET OFF YOUR ASS !

So, OK, my only problem with this is - if the heat has all this kit, how come we have to put up with crack head burglars, crack head hookers, drunk drivers & other auto criminals?
I get why they are not going to go after the drug dealers since they want us stupid and placid but isn't that what the daggone chem-trails are for? I guess maybe that's part of the hookers role, too, tho, so...
dang, the Illuminati reptilian insectoids move in mysterious ways.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Look Back From 2750

I can only imagine the political debate in Cincinnati if it wanted to float somewhere else...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Steve Chabot - Nosferatu

In Steve Chabot's latest blogpost, he turns to (sophomoric) humor to debate with himself whether the GOP is dead or not.
While the GOP can field candidates and, when lazy ass Democrats don't bother to vote, win elections, he's not really getting to the real point of the party's life or death.
Apparently, Steve Chabot doesn't know the difference between a zombie & a real live person. But the old GOP was eviscerated by right wing southern Democrats decades ago who pounced on the floundering party like maggots on rotting flesh.
Now, as the Republican Party shambles on, dropping bits & pieces of rotting flesh along the way, it's clear that all that animates it's rotting husk is some maleficent spiritual parasite and not the vibrant soul that once gave it birth. Chabot, of course doesn't grasp this and hears the garbled mutterings of the party as anything he wants. His relation to the party is like Norman Bates' relation to his mother - tormented but always wanting to please - trapped in time.