Monday, July 27, 2015

Clark County Fair Queen 2015

Lauren Nichols, 18, a Tecumseh High Graduate was named Clark County Fair Queen for the 2015 fair.

Noose Son story here

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Remake Advice

OK, Hollywood TV scum, here's my million dollar idea that I give to you free.
You love your rehashing old characters, well, here - remake Have Gun Will Travel but set it in a zombie apocalypse. It can't lose.
Paladin could deal with tyrant warmies abusing both fellow warmies AND the zed all the time spouting moralistic crap & touting classic philosophy.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Dance of Lifey Death

Some thoughts on death that seem more like rationalization than any kind of philosophy. It kinda flies in the face of the transhumanist movement.
Anyway, it sounds nice & has pretty pictures, so...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Invigorate the Boneyard

Connecting Directors has an article, 8 Ways Cemeteries Can Enliven Their Communities
  • Historical tours
  • Veteran Remembrance Ceremonies
  • Stargazing
  • Theater in the Cemetery
  • Graveside Movies
  • Dine with the Departed
  • Yoga in the Cemetery
  • Cocktails in the Catacombs
Spring Grove Cemetery has a pretty active calendar.
But maybe these ideas could be used by the city with Wesleyan Cemetery.
We have hyper programming in several parks, The Banks & Fountain Square. Why not Wesleyan? It's a large park like area with a good sized area with no interments. I don't know about electricity and the roads are narrow and there's no parking lot per se but most of these issues aren't unsolvable.
Maybe 3CDC would be interested. It's not like they don't have precedent with digging up stiffs & burying parking garages...

Saturday, July 18, 2015


The Central Parkway 'Protected' bike lanes are making the news. I guess Rob Braun is the 'Reasonable Man'.
I have never supported this plan that's referred to as a 'Disaster' 3 times in about as mny minutes in this WKRC hitpiece but again the useless excuse for a mayor promotes his recreational bike trails over usable public roadways.
As far as motorists careening into parked cars - ya need to pay attention while operating a fast rolling 1 ton death cage. If you don't want to pay attention - walk.
kudos to the union boss for being relatively civil for once.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Witch Hunts Through the Ages

It's really starting to feel like the 17th century again nowadays. Or maybe the mid 20th century, I dunno.
Where accusations of witchery came with no way out of a condemnation eagerly enjoyed by the bloodthirsty rabble and accusations of communism consumed the citizens in the modern media - now the accusation is racism. An accusation that comes again with a rabid crowd who only need the accusation and care little for the veracity of the truth.
It's mainly just a ploy, usually used by liberals & Blacks, to ostracize & silence people they disagree with. It might as well be picking pizza toppings - you want mushrooms? racist
This clip by (the racists) at Infowars shows the centuries old no win mentality is still alive & well.
I am a racist. I know this as illuminates like Jim Albers, Laura Parker & Sean Hoefler have enlightened me as to who I am. I meet with my group of other racists & we plot to screw with black people. I have personally shattered the lives of dozens of black families.
Seriously, all the buffoonery prompted me to actually buy a Confederate flag. But that wasn't as easy as you might think. My first search was thwarted by the enlightened Stalinists at Google.
Fortunately, the racists at Yahoo hooked me up with a company where I also picked up a Haitian & German flag. yeah, I know I should hate the Krauts for waging war against the U.S. twice & they treat the racist freeloading Greeks like crap and my cabal of racist pals probably hate Haiti, but whatcha gonna do?