Monday, October 20, 2014

John Cranley, Cincinnati's Own Vladimir Putin

A group of Russia experts got together to try to guess Vlad Putin's next moves. Their evaluation of Putin's strategies seem very John Cranleyish.
Divide & divide, stir people up & then swoop in with a seemingly reactionary plan.
And all of it stemming from an insatiable lust for control and power.
He (Gary Kasparov) said that, rather than marching across the border, Russia would try to stir up some pro-Moscow "form of dissent" in the Baltics. This would allow Russia to maintain plausible deniability and characterize any military action in the region as a reaction — something that would make it difficult for NATO members to call it an invasion.
What may be most disconcerting about Putin in general, however, is his lack of predictability. All of the panelists agreed on one thing: Putin's end goal is to stay in power. And if that goal is suddenly best furthered through making noise in the Baltics, then there's a very real possibility he'll take action.
"We're talking about a man who doesn't have a plan. So we're trying to figure out what his plan is, but he doesn't have one," Gessen said. "He sees that as an option. It is definitely an option, he is considering it, and he may wake up one morning and do it."
But, hey, maybe annexing some nearby towns might be a good idea.

More on Vlad here.

Horror Sells

Well, maybe not horror, but Halloween. Apparently this is considered a sexist ad, altho I'm pretty sure few women are being forced into wearing these costumes. In fact, going out in slutty costumes seems pretty popular for young women.
I recommend, horror.
and gore
and outer space aliens
and robots
and zombies

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Freaks & Geeks of Halloween

I liked this show, Freaks & Geeks. Kinda sappy but, what the heck. Anyway this episode brings up an aspect of Halloween celebration that is really interesting.
People spend the most money on Christmas but Halloween is #2. Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, Memorial day - while people vary their celebrations a bit, they all tend to do the same thing. There is a single underlying theme in all those holidays. Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus (on the wrong day), 4th of July - American independence, Thanksgiving - start of the Christmas shopping season...
Halloween is all over the map.
For some it's dress up, whorish dress up, slasher movies, horror movies, food ffod & more food, pranks, whatever. A small minority of people celebrate it as Samhain or as a time when the departed ancestors are closest to the dimension of the living.
In the TV episode the family is split between the parents & their 2 kids and the evolution of their attitude and approaches to the holiday.
The cookies in the front yard with ants all over them is one of my favorite parts.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Brad Wenstrup is a GENIUS!

What a way to meet chicks! Women 4 Wenstrup has gotta be just brilliant!!
OK, it's on, Women 4 Quimbob is taking registrations NOW !!

Keeping it Vague

Monzel, detail light bistro math self promotion. Monzel will save bazillions by coming up with tax schemes written on used Skyline napkins.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Be Afraid - Be Very Afraid

While I expected the big hysteria thing this Halloween would be Ebola tainted chocolate, it appears the Denver Heat is whipping people up over pot laced candy.
WKRC is only too happy to jump on the fear mongering because you know people will travel from Cincinnati to Colorado so they can buy cannabis products & zap 'em into candies so they can bring them back to Cincinnati & distribute them on Halloween, ultimately turning kids into commies and homos.
We need to set up road blocks now to search every car for loose candy & to find out if the drivers have been to Colorado recently. We should probably test their blood sugar, too.

Know fear at WKRC

Why Does Cincinnati Hate Itself?

While Pasadenians invest in and restore a Gamble house, Cincinnati tears theirs down. While a Crosley estate in Cincinnati sits largely ignored & unused, a Crosley estate in Sarasota has events pretty much every holiday.
What gives? Cincinnatians give less of a fuck about the people who put the city on the map than people off in sun splashed touristy areas where the Cincinnati families just went to vacation?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Creepy Cincinnati

OK, this site, Creepy Cincinnati purports to list & review the creepy places in Cincinnati. Dunno why my basement isn't listed, but that's another story.
Just remember, creepy is not a place ~ but a state of mind.
Is something touching my leg?

State of Ohio School Board, District 4

This episode of newsmakers looks at the candidates for the school board of the state of Ohio candidates Patricia Bruns - D and Zachary Haines - R.
Bruns comes off not real great as a communicator but appears to have a grasp on teaching with 30+ years experience. Haines seems to have no experience in education, running a janitorial supply store, but he does seem to be a strong partisan Republican who likes to regurgitate their talking points right or wrong.