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Exquisite Pinball

An old (20th century?) 'exquisite' animation where different artists did each scene employing a common software package, Strata 3D

Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday, August 07, 2017

The Invasion 8/21/2017

Monday afternoon, August 21, 2017 under cover of the darkness from the solar eclipse, transhuman Nazi cyborgs will fly out of their secret bases on the dark side of the moon in their alien modified M 266 Messerschmitt fighters and scream down from the sky firing their alien designed particle beam weapons on frightened unsuspecting Americans in their mad quest to start the 5th Reich to be ruled by their alien hybrid allies.
Trump will quickly acquiesce in exchange for the right to build golf courses on the moon.
The deserted malls will become prison camps for dissidents and will be administered by FEMA (who has been in league with the aliens since the agencies's inception).
People will be harvested to work as zombie workers on the alien's slave colonies.
The alien lizard men will rape the Earth women and systematically end the human species as we know it.
But could there be hope?
Could we flee to the poles, enter the underworld and ally with the strange & terrible beings who live in those depths?
Or will they act with the alien Nazi hybrid cyborgs and just flank us & destroy our once proud race?
Any way you look at it - things will change for the worse.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Eat Shit and Die, Photobucket

The image sharing website, Photobucket, used by zillions for 10 years & more has decided to charge $400 a year to do what they have been doing for free the whole time.
Further, their site has become a minefield of pop up ads.
You can get a whole website for under $100, so how they pulled the $400 price tag out of their asses is fucking insane.
Anyway this site will have a lot of broken image links - not gonna fix many, but some....

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Sunday, April 30, 2017

The State of Sexbots

Jenny Kleeman takes a look at the current sex robot industry.
The perv with the 3 bots has one that kinda looks like Ghoulia Yelps, but, so far they all just try to be human like.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Blue Dress FTW

Amy Murray sported a really nice blue dress at the 4/26/17 Cincinnati City Council meeting where Buddy LaRosa was honored.
Beats the hell out of the days Leslie Ghiz used to show up looking like the laundry woman...

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Simpson the Only Candidate to Mention Delivery in Regard to the Discussion of Food Deserts

The Cincinnati Business Courier interviewed the 3 mayoral candidates about Cincinnati food deserts. Cranley rambled on like he was drunk & NOBODY mentioned the grocery food delivery options. Meijer & Kroger have contracted with 3rd parties & Amazon has limited grocery products.
When pressed on this, Chris Wetterich said that Simpson actually did, but it had been edited out.
There are some neighborhoods that are looking at grocery delivery as an option as well. I think that works for some people. The grocery store is not just a place where people get food. It’s a place where people gather and the option of being able to go in and pick your own groceries … is so important that I don’t know that grocery delivery is going to work completely.
I doubt Simpson is old enough to remember grocery & milk delivery, but relationships did evolve with families & delivery people back in the day.
The bigger issue is wether these stores will accept EBT payments. Amazon has stated that requires gummint approval, so the 3rd party delivery services might have problems.
Anyway, Simpson seems to be the only one who has any idea what is going on on the issue.
Simpson for mayor !

Monday, April 17, 2017

John Cranley's Misguided Priories

In mini-Trump's recent campaign ad, he maligns Yvette Simpson for her priorities and citing his attempt at a police state is the way to go.
Unfortunately, history is not on Cranley's side.
Back in the early 70s Kansas City, MO engaged in The Preventive Patrol Experiment where they found increasing or decreasing the police presence in neighborhoods had no real effect in preventing crime.
Nevertheless, he has added more city employees & circumvented the City Manager to give the employees raises in the face of a looming budget shortfall.
Simpson, OTOH, wants to invest in the city in an effort to create jobs & opportunity thru infrastructure investment that will also help repopulate currently desolate places where crime can easily take root.
More responsible, educated citizenry with good paying job is the answer to crime prevention, not throwing away money on men in uniform driving around in tricked out gas guzzling Batmobiles.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Is Keli Prather Insane ?

Or crazy like a fox?
Political newcomer, Keli Prather, is either batshit crazy or is using the anti media strategy that DJ Trump successfully used to win the presidency. Not that he's not batshit crazy or anything...
Her campaign appears to be a social media based campaign where she has accused a Cincinnati Enquirer editor of assaulting her.
A common occurrence with Cincinnati Enquirer editors - who hasn't received a beat down from one or two?
Then, after her campaign was covered at, she fired off this post on their Politics FB group with the hashtag, "Fuck the racist ass Cincinnati Enquirer", because she didn't like the photo they used.
This chick is showing the cool, calm rationality we need in government for sure. Maybe she will strt Tweeting about fake news.
But, hey, it worked for the POTUS, so maybe people will buy in with the angry, media victimized woman thing.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Are Food Deserts an Issue?

In the latest Cincinnati mayoral debate the issue of food deserts came up.
But as more and more delivery options come online, do the old desert definitions still apply?
Meijer has announced they will be delivering most grocery items (no hooch, prescriptions, etc.) and Amazon already has a limited supply of groceries (and hooch) with Prime Now. Will Kroger be far behind? They already have pick up for online ordering.
Some convenience stores have ordering set up with 3rd parties somewhat similarly to 3rd party delivery for restaurants.
People complain that not all people have internet access but, as long as we can maintain our library system, that can be their contact line.
So, will the co ops like Clifton Market & Apple Street Market succeed?
Will the big guys rule supreme with low paid drivers?


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Denison Hotel

After a long battle between parking lot developers & preservationists, the Dennison Hotel, at 716 Main Street, Cincinnati Ohio has begun to be demolished.
The owners have stated they intend to build a new building on the site that will host an unnamed Fortune 500 company. This is what they said about another building around the corner they demolished that now sits as a surface parking lot. That was 30 years ago.
Levelling the Dennison Hotel will bring us a bit closer to making an entire city block of prime real estate a parking lot.
During the depression, building owners in CBDs frequently found themselves with vacant buildings because their tenants had all gone out of business. The building owners would demolish the buildings and, with the rise of automobile ownership, the owners utilized their vacant lots as surface parking lots. This generated enough money to cover their real estate taxes. Pretty much nobody alive today remembers that CBDs used to be solid buildings and that there were no big gaps of parking lots.
It's a poor investment & essentially blights the CBD.
Will the city have wait another 30 years for the owners of this block, legally represented by the chair of the Hamilton County Democratic party, to keep their word or just assume they are lying and the strategy is to somehow support automobile sales in an area chock full of public transit.
Valentine's Day, February 14, 2017.
What will be the status of this block 2/14/2047?

More on the history of the building at Abandoned

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Pontiac ?

Why does John Cranley use a call center in Pontiac, MI ?
HT 5chw4r7z

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Cincinnati City Council Candidates - 2017

Kevin Flynn
Yvette Simpson
Charles Winburn

David Mann Amy Murray Chris Seelbach PG Sittenfeld Chris Smitherman Wendell Young
non incumbent
Theo Barnes
Derek Bauman Cristina Burcica Ozie Davis Tamaya Dennard Michelle Dillingham Cedrick Denson
Tonya Dumas
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    Monday, February 06, 2017

    Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it ~ Edmund Burke

    Seems like there is a politician out there wanting to pass - delete laws without understanding why we did & didn't make them already.
    People want to license cats because we license dogs. But cats don't pack & rip your kids to pieces.
    People want to license bicyclists because motorists require licensing. But bicyclists don't crash into other motorists, buildings and largee groups of people causing death, destruction and financial ruination.
    Now this punk, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R) in Florida, wants to eliminate the EPA. he was born 12 years after President Richard Nixon (R) signed the agency into existence. He apparently doesn't know what went on before and why the agency was created.
    A major job they had was to figure out what stored waste was toxic, what wasn't, where it was and if it was safely stored. People weren't worried about this stuff and a lot was in flood plains that couldn't be developed. OTOH, poorly stored toxic waste was getting into the waterways.
    But Gaetz doesn't get this because he's just the sort of country lawyer Edmund Burke warned against after the French Revolution.
    He's mainly grandstanding as I doubt this will get anywhere but with Dangerous Don & his denizens in power, who the fuck knows? I'm sure Putin would love a sickly American society & military.

    Friday, January 13, 2017

    Hey, Apple, still plenty of good pickins in comic books

    Apple has been looking at streaming original content for awhile but is, apparently, ramping things up.
    The comic books big celluloid has chosen so far has been interesting - from commercial to weird. Why the subset of The Mystery Men was chosen over it's parent, The Flaming Carrot was always baffling.
    Anyway, here's a list of some of the comic book content yet to be tapped
    • American Flagg
    • Black Kiss
    • Grendel
    • Flaming Carrot
    • Enemy Ace
    • Aztek Ace
    • Magnus Robot Fighter
    • Kabuki
    • Astro City
    • Xenozoic Tales
    • Black Hole
    • Hard Boiled Defective Stories
    • Maus
    • Rac Shade, The Changing Man
    • Warlock
    • Shang Chi, Master of Kung Fu
    • Metamorpho
    • Deadman
    • Blackhawks
    • Mister X
    • Ms Tree
    • Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
    • Scout
    • Machine Man
    • Big Bang Comics
    • Eight Ball
    • Bacchus
    • Brat Pack
    • Lady Death
    I could go on & I am sure my minions will add more

    Wednesday, January 11, 2017

    Is Alex Jones an Operative of the Global Elites ?

    As Alex Jones & his cabal at InfowWars continually hammer away against union & cooperation & promote division & balkanization, I wonder - Is the goal here to divide & conquer ?
    After Napoleon swept through Europe, the kingdoms that didn't have a chance against his onslaught realized they had to organize within their culture. As technology advances, the world "shrinks". It is natural that humans homogenize and organize. Something's lost & something's gained.
    But is Alex' plot at the instruction of the Global Elites? Is the strategy to divide society so the Bilderbergers can sweep in with their robots & drones to conquer the Earth?
    Gotta ask yourself - how did Al get out of Bohemian Grove alive? How come he didn't become a human sacrifice?
    There is no doubt his strategy of division, pill popping, paranoid survivalism and carrying on about supernatural malarkey is compelling - but what's the pupose? His constantly hammering away at the notion we should believe him and nobody else - well, that's just a core strategy of cults.
    I cannot say. BiC doesn't have the kind of budget to crack the leviathan of InfoWars. But it's time to start asking these questions.

    Sunday, January 01, 2017

    TV on the Honor System

    Could there be another way to deliver TV content to the products (us)?
    Instead of chopping up shows with commercials that people have been increasingly able to defeat and, online, can crash ones browser - how about giving the viewer a list of sponsors and maybe specific products - let the viewer purchase one or two - then, the sponsor would give the viewer a voucher he could use to download an uninterrupted show or even season of the shows.
    I guess you'd have to figure out how much the sponsor usually receives from $ and unit sales. This method, however, would have the added effect of a confirmed sale and, issuing coupons, could confirm repeat sales.
    The viewer would get a better experience and the sponsor would get better data.
    I guess the only real drawback would be the viewer having to sit down and look thru the sponsors & their ads & buying shit online in advance.