Monday, April 17, 2017

John Cranley's Misguided Priories

In mini-Trump's recent campaign ad, he maligns Yvette Simpson for her priorities and citing his attempt at a police state is the way to go.
Unfortunately, history is not on Cranley's side.
Back in the early 70s Kansas City, MO engaged in The Preventive Patrol Experiment where they found increasing or decreasing the police presence in neighborhoods had no real effect in preventing crime.
Nevertheless, he has added more city employees & circumvented the City Manager to give the employees raises in the face of a looming budget shortfall.
Simpson, OTOH, wants to invest in the city in an effort to create jobs & opportunity thru infrastructure investment that will also help repopulate currently desolate places where crime can easily take root.
More responsible, educated citizenry with good paying job is the answer to crime prevention, not throwing away money on men in uniform driving around in tricked out gas guzzling Batmobiles.

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Is Keli Prather Insane ?

Or crazy like a fox?
Political newcomer, Keli Prather, is either batshit crazy or is using the anti media strategy that DJ Trump successfully used to win the presidency. Not that he's not batshit crazy or anything...
Her campaign appears to be a social media based campaign where she has accused a Cincinnati Enquirer editor of assaulting her.
A common occurrence with Cincinnati Enquirer editors - who hasn't received a beat down from one or two?
Then, after her campaign was covered at, she fired off this post on their Politics FB group with the hashtag, "Fuck the racist ass Cincinnati Enquirer", because she didn't like the photo they used.
This chick is showing the cool, calm rationality we need in government for sure. Maybe she will strt Tweeting about fake news.
But, hey, it worked for the POTUS, so maybe people will buy in with the angry, media victimized woman thing.

Monday, April 03, 2017