Sunday, March 04, 2012

COA T is howling about the Cincinnati Enquirer(R) not endorsing their candidates. Endorsing Peter Srautberg, their nemesis Jean Schmidt & their & Bill's, Brian's & Justin's nemesis, Denise Driehaus has sent them over the edge. This after HamCo GOP Chair Al Trianifilou said of their candidate & co-founder Tom Brinkman
"[Brinkman] just needs a job."
COA T's role in the mainstream GOP is becoming increasingly marginalized. While their support of Cincinnati councilman Winburn (Rino) has waned since they first endorsed him their support of Councilman Smitherman (Dino) is still strong - but - did their influence in their campaigns actually accomplish anything?
Regardless of their support within their party, I guess we can always count on inanane ballot initiatives & Annoying frivolous lawsuits from them in the future.


5chw4r7z said...

Its amazing how desperate they are to stay relevant in a world in which they are so consistently on the losing side of every battle.

Quimbob said...

unfortunately they do win from time to time