Tuesday, August 16, 2016

John McLaughlin

Blogging isn't Cool mourns the loss of John McLaughlin, host of the McLaughlin Group TV show for 34 years. He was 89.
The roundtable political discussion show was insightful, fun, and at times, aggravating as hell.
It was the basis for Bill Maher's show, Politically incorrect and the local cable show in Cincinnati, The McRotherberg Group.
Over the years the panelists included:
Fred Barnes
Michael Barone
Tony Blankley
Pat Buchanan
Tim Carney
Eleanor Clift
Monica Crowley
Susan Ferrechio
Jack Germond
Paul Glastris
Al Hunt
Katty Kay
Michael Kinsley
Rich Lowry
Morton Kondracke
Chris Matthews
Robert Novak
Lawrence O'Donnell
Clarence Page
David Rennie
Tom Rogan
Mark Shields
Mort Zuckerman

Dr McLaughlin's online memorial & guestbook here

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