Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another reason to fear downtown Cincinnati
Wild Horses

Horse takes off with carriage
What started out as a calm carriage ride downtown for four adults turned ugly Saturday night when the horse pulling the carriage tossed its driver and took off.
Cincinnati Police found the driver of the carriage near Vine and 6th streets and believe the horse galloped about a block-and-a-half south on a Vine Street sidewalk before passengers jumped or were dumped out of the carriage.
One passenger, a woman in her 20s, suffered a head injury. Cincinnati Sgt. Matt Vogeler said her injury was not life-threatening. The driver was transported to the hospital, with what looked like a back injury, Vogeler said.
After losing the passengers, the horse pulled the carriage, then on its side, another half block, dropping horse treats and horse droppings along the way before police were able to stop the horse.
A police unit chaperoned the horse back to its Covington-based business. The name of the carriage company was not immediately available Saturday night.
Vogeler said there was minor damage to the Macy's building and damage to the carriage, but no other damage was reported.

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