Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wrecking Springfield
Taking the lead of Building Cincinnati, I give you a one shot of Wrecking Springfield. A few interior pictures of the soon to be demolished Springfield North High school and some shots on and around Plum Street of homes slated for demolition to make way for the big new hospital.
North High

Plum Street


Kevin LeMaster said...

Wow...I'm being emulated. I guess this means I've made it!

Cool pics. I have to admit that since I quit my frantic posting at Urban Ohio I have kind of lost track with projects like the one in Springfield. Thanks for the update.

Quim said...

oh, crap, I suppose you are gonna sue me now...
It might be worth a trip up to Springfield to see the area around Plum St. It is several square blocks of boarded up homes in different states of disrepair. Most of the buildings are nothing special and the area was (I think) primarily rental, but I don't think you can gut a neighborhood in this manner and expect the affected people to reman full of community pride.
I wonder what will go into the places vacated by the old hospitals. Community could probably be turned into apartments but you wouldn't want rental or student (transient) housing on the Mercy site.
Meanwhile the old Roosevelt site just sits there waiting for ?
The lack of local private investment in Spfld is stunning.