Saturday, July 05, 2008

A new Taco Bell in Springfield !
Well, ok, a replacement one.
Taco Bell has had a presence in Springfield for almost 40 years starting with their E Main St location.
It seems like just yesterday that Ray's mom was whisking Ray & Jeff & me off from the Roosevelt campus on Limestone to the new and exotic fast food joint that served strange and wonderful things called tacos and burritos.

From the Noose Son:
A new Taco Bell restaurant is being built at 2149 S. Limestone St. to replace the previous South side location at 1931 S. Limestone St. that was destroyed by fire in August 2007. The new location will be a stand-alone Taco Bell with no other brands represented; the store is scheduled to open at the end of August.
The store will support approximately 30 to 35 employees, with some old employees returning. The remaining positions will be filled with a number of new hires, said spokesperson Monica Hawkes.

Story here.

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