Monday, July 07, 2008

Pat Dewine, Hamilton County's pugilistic commissioner and author of the G.A.S.P. boondoggle has made news again in his run for Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge.
While Dewine was considering a run for re-election to the commissioner seat, he raised about $80,000. When he switched his aim to the Judge's seat, however, he was faced with a dilemma as one cannot use non-judicial campaign funds for a judicial campaign.
The solution was pretty simple, of course, he only needed to give the money to people who would turn around and give it back.
When questioned about this, Dewine repeatedly claims that what he did was legal.
Of course legal and ethical aren't exactly the same thing and his actions clearly violate the spirit of the law.
Is this the caliber of character we want on the bench ?

Read WKRC's story here.

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Anonymous said...

how sad. he gets pushed aside as a county commissioner and he is reduced to bartering to get elected as a judge. I'm sure the folks around him wrapped it nicely so he has only an ethical lapse not a legal one. Can you imagine how badly he would have lost had it been a level playing field?