Friday, February 01, 2013

Cincinnati - Duke Agree to Disagree
Cincinnati & Duke Energy have decided to let a judge decide who should pay to move electric & gas lines under the cities streets. This could also settle who will pay for utility moving with the Brent Spence Bridge replacement boondoggle. This comes after Mayoral hopeful Roxanne Qualls challenged the administration to get moving & get the project done. But what does Mayoral hopeful John Cranley have to say about all this progress?
""No matter the motivation, rushing to complete the streetcar while there are millions of dollars in unresolved issues and a looming mayoral election is just not a good idea," he said in a statement."
So, after 10 years of studying & planning he wants to slow down because of some unanswered questions? More of Cranley's FUD.5 years ago he issued 9 pages of mostly inane questions about the project in an obstructionist ploy to stop the project he had initially supported.

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