Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman Makes a Spectacle of Himself
The Fishwarp reports:
"Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, announced Thursday that he would support a GOP filibuster of Chuck Hagel’s nomination to be defense secretary."
But is Portman & his radical GOP cabal just embarrassing the core of the party?
The American Conservative suggests:
"No one outside of a small core of hard-liners sympathizes with what Senate Republicans are doing.
The entire episode shows them to be hopelessly beholden to people whose foreign policy views have led to disaster for the country and contributed to three major Republican defeats."
.Just another political failure from SW Ohio…..


Anonymous said...
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5chw4r7z said...

I was thinking over the weekend, the Tea Party basically sprung up to oppose Obama and that has been their MO ever since. What happens when Obama is no longer president, who will they find to oppose?

Quimbob said...

Then they will eat their own.