Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Who Supports John Cranley ?
Doubtless the Fishwarp will, but poking around the bloggiverse, the boy ain't making many friends.
Clark Street Blog posts John Cranley's Own Words Show He Has Lost His Way
TAEstell criticizes him ovr at Superfluous Redundancy
The Cincinnati Business Courier has criticized his ads
The Cincinnati Blog posts John Cranley is Lying About His 'Plan'
City Beat has complained of his bad budget ideas
5chw4r7z asks Is Cranley channeling that unicorn lair in North Korea or something?
heck, even his newfound buds at COA T have Endorsed Jim Berns
No doubt the NAATP would endorse Sandra Queen Noble over Cranley if she were running - is she?
It's lookin' pretty bleak, pretty bleak...

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