Monday, February 03, 2014

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

What's a cemetery without a cool wrought iron fence around it - you know, with spikes ^ stuff up top? Unfortunately, when you have cars, you can't have nice stuff.
Ferncliff Cemetery, in Springfield, OH, has a problem with motorists losing control on a Bend in the road and careening into the cemetery destroying the expensive iron fence panels. They cost about $1,240 apiece and a car can take out 4 pretty easy. Apparently they stop the cars, tho…
FWIW, I never had any problem navigating that turn.
The latest chunk to get creamed wasn't on the bend, however, it was on a straight stretch of road.
I have seen this at Cincinnati's Spring Grove Cemetery, too. One of the few straight, flat stretches of Roadway in the city and people manage to veer off the road & destroy iron fences pretty regularly.
The corner of Spring Grove and Crawford, at the SW corner of the cemetery is so impossible to navigate the cemetery has moved their fence back incrementally over the years to accommodate the shitty drivers.
The aforelinked Frogtown Noose Son article has the headline:
Springfield cemetery fence a magnet for car crashes
So, I guess the villain, a temptress, I guess, is the fence luring innocent motorists to their demise with their siren call, "come to me, come to me, crash, crash…".
I'm gonna go out on a limb here & say we need to quit handing out drivers licenses like candy at a parade & stop assuming peoples' driving skills never diminish. A reduced speed limit, Cemetery Zone, like a school zone might help but on streets like Winton Road, on the east side of Spring Grove Cemetery is a daredevil race track and any speed limit signs are pointless.

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