Friday, February 07, 2014

So How's That New Government Working For ya ?

Our new, level headed, fiscally conservative City council & mayor are off to an incredible start. While their first month was exciting, there was a bit of a lull in January, but February is making up for lost time.
Back in December the mayor expressed his commitment to core services. CO   's Amy Murray took over the transportation committee & that fiscal watchdog, the Windbag uncovered a horrific scandal as the city had bought road salt without running out of their current supply - never mind that salt doesn't go bad….
Now the city is running out of salt, the streets are snarled & unpassable. Transportation, core services, Saltgate - everything has come to a grinding halt under those folks who were going to 'clean up the mess'. Charlie Winburn should apologize to the salt buyers right now.
Cranley has also announced he will reveal his parking semi-modernization plan that will raise rates, incur more debt, apparently, skip smartphone compatibility & maintain the same lax maintenance & enforcement.
Leadership in action, boy howdy.

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