Monday, July 20, 2015

Invigorate the Boneyard

Connecting Directors has an article, 8 Ways Cemeteries Can Enliven Their Communities
  • Historical tours
  • Veteran Remembrance Ceremonies
  • Stargazing
  • Theater in the Cemetery
  • Graveside Movies
  • Dine with the Departed
  • Yoga in the Cemetery
  • Cocktails in the Catacombs
Spring Grove Cemetery has a pretty active calendar.
But maybe these ideas could be used by the city with Wesleyan Cemetery.
We have hyper programming in several parks, The Banks & Fountain Square. Why not Wesleyan? It's a large park like area with a good sized area with no interments. I don't know about electricity and the roads are narrow and there's no parking lot per se but most of these issues aren't unsolvable.
Maybe 3CDC would be interested. It's not like they don't have precedent with digging up stiffs & burying parking garages...

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