Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Aronoff is a torture chamber.
I finally went to the Aronoff. Most of the events there don't appeal to me, but my sister dragged me to the ballet with her. The ballet looked pretty good to me. I know nothing about good or bad ballet, of course.....
The orchestra was pretty good and the Xavier chorus was good.
The %@*! seats, however were horrible. I felt like I was forced into a near fetal position for 2 hours. The seats are so low, my hips were bent more than 90 degrees. My knees, in such a position would, of course, also be bent more than 90 degrees, but with the short distance to the seat in front of me, I had to tuck my feet back in, making the angle of my knees even more severe.
I am not young but I am not old, either. I am only 6ft 2in - not freakishly tall. But when I rose at the end of the performance, I could barely stand. I barely made it to the end, tho, what with the pain in my knees, butt & lower back.
I guess a key to being a patron of the arts is to be short and skinny. It is a shame that such an expensive new facility was designed so poorly.

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