Thursday, May 22, 2008

HamCo Comm DeWine's idea to create a website that chronicles every penny of county spending is nothing but a boondoggle.
It will make great fodder for bloggers and armchair politicians. It will be the first source of ammo whenever someone wants to slam a government program. It will be the number one bookmark for C.O.A.S.T.ers.
But, without an understanding of what the money bought, it will offer no real information or value.
On top of that, the website won't just appear out of thin air. It will need to be built and databases populated. Then, there are the long term costs as every bit of accounting will have at least one more step as the information will have to be entered onto the site. This will all add up to more and more man hours endlessly accrued and paid for by the residents and workers in Hamilton County who will see no real benefit.
It is merely one of Commissioner DeWine's last bits of feel good legislation - a legacy of a boondoggle that will continue on forever.

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