Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cedar Bog, near Urbana, Ohio, like many other sites maintained by the Ohio Historical Sociesty, has suffered considerable budget cuts in recent years. Threatened with closure, the volunteer group, The Cedar Bog Association, has stepped up to the plate to, not only keep the nature preserve open, but to continue the efforts to move forward with plans to build an education center and pay a person full time to manage the site.
Cedar Bog was "discovered" by Col. Israel Ludlow when he was surveying the Northwest Territory in the late 1700s. In 1942, the Ohio Historical Society designated the area a nature preserve because it was the best example of a boreal and prairie fen complex in Ohio with many rare plants and animals, excellent orchid and prairie wildflower displays. The Bog was threatened, briefly, when the construction of a new Route 68 was planned to go through it in the '70s. The bog prevailed.
Now the Cedar Bog needs YOU !
With your help in time or money we can keep this rare area of Ohio alive for generations to come.
Article from the Springfield News-Sun here.

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