Monday, April 19, 2010

כולם אוהבים כלזמיר

The Cincinnati Klezmer Project has been knocking around since 1993. That's why everybody knows about 'em. Klezmer is, of course, everybody's favorite form of dance music. Tracing it's roots is about like some Dan Brown conspiracy story but it's basically an evolution of Eastern European Jewish music. Of course the words to the songs are all in Yiddish. Fortunately everybody knows Yiddish. A Cincinnati Klezmer performance is part history lesson & a whole lot of kick ass music.
I have only been able to catch them playing at Spring Grove Cemetery's annual Lantern Lighting thingies. They frequently play private parties, weddings & Bar Mitzvahs & nobody in their right mind would invite me. My dancing is too advanced for most people.
The band also has a MySpace page just like all the cool death metal bands.
To buy their CDs, it's kinda low tech. You call the guitarist on the phone.
I love these guys. Many Klezmerites tend to modernize their music with electric bass & such. These guys keep it true to the roots.

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