Saturday, April 24, 2010

Club Ritz v The Casino

4/20/10 Cincinnati Public Safety Committee

The Broadway Commons casino is slated to be a 24hr entertainment spot. It may or may not get a 24hr liquor license. Thing is, if 24hr entertainment is going to remain an exception in Cincinnati, the after hours crowd will continue to be condensed into pockets and, as can be seen in the officer's testimony above, prove to be a problem for community safety.
If anybody could get a 24hr liquor permit the concentration issue could be resolved naturally but we Ohioans love to struggle with the unintended consequences of a puritanical mindset.
So, as after hours crowds converge on the casino around 3 AM, what will happen? Will Cincinnati threaten to pull liquor permits for the casino they are banking on to save the city's budget woes? Will they enforce a 2:30AM curfew? Can the city demand new management or will that have to be handled through an expensive state election?
There were a ton of citizens speaking at the last liquor permit renewal hearing in support of Club Ritz. One guy, somehow connected with ArtWorks, suggested that, given the number of night clubs in Roselawn, the city should invest in a "Roselawn Entertainment District" instead of shutting the businesses down. While I appreciate the need for a vital downtown, I wonder if the downtown establishments & Roselawn establishments will receive equal treatment.

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