Monday, April 05, 2010

Where is the Outrage ?

A new business model for food vending has arrived in Cincinnati. Food Trucks are nothing new nationally but are new to Cincinnati. Their arrival has got lots of people excited. Naturally, the foodies are into it and young urbanisto types are into it, too. Those younguns tend to fall into the category of liberal/progressive. Their love for big government knows no bounds, of course, so when Cincinnati City Solicitor commented that the city has no specific regulations for the food trucks but that they will be looking into it, you would think some alarms might go off in some people's heads. It raised Julie's eyebrows & elicited some concern over here. Nothing public from the Chamber of Commerce. The Business Courier Notes their arrival, but no mention of new regulations.
But, where is the outcry from the other side? The folks who promote smaller government, lower taxes & deregulation? Between COA T, The Libertarians, The Tea Party & the (cough cough) Republican Party, I haven't heard a peep.
The Libertarians tend to be more reactive, so their current silence is understandable.

Libertarians helped save the Gamble's house

The Cincinnati Tea Party hasn't done what it does best, protest with angry shouting, raised fists & a plethora of misspelled signage. It might be under their radar, however, since it is a Cincinnati issue & apparently, their only real connection to Cincinnati is their name.
The GOP ? While they pay lip service to entrepreneurs, they serve well monied corporations first & usually last.
The region's A#1 Wolf Criers at COA T, who routinely predict the falling of the heavens & predict (usually incorrectly) the malicious actions & intentions of elected officials (of the Democratic persuasion) haven't even been making any public pronouncements on the issue. Given their anti business attitude, I guess it is no surprise.
People criticize the faux outage intended only for political gamesmanship. They have a point.

PS - yeah, I know my taco truck sucks. Got tired of screwing with it as did the software LOL. The Caddies are pretty cool, tho. They were made by this guy.

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