Friday, December 21, 2012

Are Republicans Really the Business Party ?
The CintiBizCourierJournal thing reports that area Rebloodlicans donated almost $2.5M to political campaigns in the last election cycle while Democrips only ponied up a little over a quarter million.
Romney got 10 to 1 over O'Bama and Mandell got over 10 to 1 over Brown. Both Rebloodlicans lost.
Jeff Sinnard told people he didn't want their money and, while losing to Steve Chabot, he actually beat comboverboy in the city of Cincinnati.
So, if the Republicans are betting so much money on the wrong horses, what does it say about their business acumen? Do they really know what to invest in that will sell to the majority of the people?

The Biz Courier article here.


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