Friday, December 28, 2012

Building Cincinnati reports the City of Cincinnati is interested in providing citizens public restrooms. This is something the Cincinnati Beacon proposed awhile ago. It's fine by me but the cost seems kinda high. BC reports that the cost of building, shipping & installing one of these things comes out to about $135,000 apiece. On top of that, maintenance is projected to be around %14,500 (11%) / year.
Now contrast that to the median home value in Cincinnati of $180,000 & general industry estimates of $1,800 (1%) / year.
These loos are 3/4 the value of a typical Cincinnati home (about twice the value of my home) & will run more than 10x the maintenance.
These facilities will be open at the top & bottom so rats, snakes, bats, birds and other vermin can enter freely. The reason for this is so police can watch your feet & make sure only one person at a time is inside. Forget about accompanying your child or helping your disabled parent from wheelchair to commode & back.
One of the problems with people peeing & pooping in public now is that, since we have to hide their pelvic areas from public view or risk being labeled sex offenders, we hide to perform these natural acts & wind up concentrating our bodily waste in small areas. If we could get over this hang up & people could let loose anywhere & maybe pick up their poop as with their dogs, we would not have these offensive areas & would not be looking at spending the cost of a goram house with hugely inflated maintenance rates.

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