Saturday, June 12, 2010

Go on, you know you want to !

"SCARIEST living sensation of the CENTURY! An ABSOLUTE "MUST" if you get your kicks from the STRANGE and MYSTERIOUS' See 2 eerie botanical MONSTERS in 6 glowing colors, actually GROW real green "hair"!"
"In ADDITION to these TWO HAIR RAISING MONSTERS, we will send you a fantastic "ASTRONARIUM" greenhouse! This professional piece of equipment is disguised to look like a spooky SPACE GROTTO or CAVE, complete with 3-D spacemen figure: Looks JUST LIKE the SURFACE OF ANOTHER PLANET! Inside this Astronarium is a CONCEALED HYDROPONIC TANK"
"You ALSO get a CRYSTAL PLASlIC HYDRO-ABSORPTION UNIT which completes the CAPILLARY CYCLE OF LIFE which begins as soon as you plant a MONSTER!"

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