Friday, June 04, 2010

Northside - Be There or Be Square

June 5 Northside hosts it's biggest Art Fair. With the moving of the Gay Pride Festival, The Northside Summer Art Fair is taking over Hoffner Park with over 50 artists, dancers, a marching band & A PONY !!
Up the street at Happen Inc. Clay will be going Round & Round all afternoon. They'll be knitting at the Cumminsville Branch Library at 2.
At least 2 garage sales, 1663 Bruce & 1623 Argyle for all you cheapskates.
& as you head up the hill in search of cooler climes, check out Citirama on Rockford Place. CityBleat explains it here.
When the sun goes down slide on back to Happy Valley & visit Mayday, Boswell Alley, Melt, Picnic & Pantry, Northside Tavern, Honey, NYPD Pizza, Junker's, White Castle, The Comet, Ko-Sho, Ginger's, Portofino's, UDF, 5th Amendment & MORE !


Teresa said...

I'm glad you mentioned knitting at the library. I'd like to pick up some pointers. Get it? Pointers?

Quimbob said...

Northside also has a "Stitch & Bitch" group that meets at a coffee shop once a month. You might be interested in Mt Washington's brancs Wimpy Kid's Day