Tuesday, June 08, 2010

We Deny The Vote

As Hamilton County Commissioners continue to struggle with balancing a budget, individual commissioners are coming up with plans. Portune has given up & proposed increasing taxes. Pepper has suggested eliminating a tax break. Hartmann has suggested taking money voters approved for health care for the indigent be shifted to paying for entertainment venues.
It seems Hartmann's suggestion would be illegal without a vote of the people. When the state of Ohio tried shifting highway maintenance funds, raised through a gas tax, to mass transit, the state was sued successfully.
What's interesting is that COA T, who has howled the mantra, "We Demand a Vote" year after year with ballot initiatives that invariably increase the cost of government, "applauds" Hartmann's plan. These guys say public votes are better than letting politicians make decisions because they hate the whole Cincinnatus ideal that is central to American society.
Did the wind just change direction?
Meanwhile, this vocal unelectable minority continues to waste public funds & snarl the court system as they try to bend government to it's will.

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