Monday, June 16, 2014

Asphalt Abattoir

We need to face facts, the experiment has failed. The idea of the average citizen rolling around in a ton of steel wielding the power of hundreds of horses on city streets might have sounded great - but it doesn't work.
Besides the astronomical death rates, the maimings & crippling injuries, there is also the physical costs of obesity, heart disease, diabetes & such. Add to that the psychological cost of social isolation and the damage of talk radio taking advantage of that isolation. The automobile experiment has been a colassal failure & can probably be blamed for much of our society's ills.
They don't work - we need to remove them from America's roadways.
The damage in the picture above happened when a motorist cavalierly turned left in front of an oncoming cyclist who crashed int o the passengr side door face first.
While she will require extensive reconstructive surgeries, she is lucky she didn't lose her eyes or get her neck broken. The motorists inattentativeness also resulted in injuries to the passenger. A driver is responsible for his passengers.
Get cars off the road. Lets bring roadway deaths back to the 100s, away from the current tens of thousands.

Fishwarp article here


5chw4r7z said...

Not to mention in the city a car is sometimes the least quickest way to get around.

Quimbob said...

The idea that there is only one way to get around is insane.
No parking? Ride a bike, take a bus, hop on a Segway...

Do you avoid going places where you cannot smoke?
Do you avoid going places where you cannot drink alcohol?
Do you avoid going places where you cannot park a car?
You might be an addict.