Monday, June 30, 2014

Leadership or Tribal Ideology

After the state cut funding for County, Township & Municipality service - funding put in place when enacting an income tax, safety became an issue. The local governments lost money that went to pay highly skilled, highly paid personnel.
One of the changes in law enforcement & public safety that's come about over the years is the use of relatively inexpensive electronic surveillance devices.
The state who in their great wisdom forced local safety agencies to tighten their belts has decided that using inexpensive tech to augment their services is a non starter. They want to outlaw traffic cameras completely.
Wouldn't it make more sense for Seitz, Mallory & the rest of the unholy cabal in Columbus to regulate rather than ban these modern systems?
When Cincinnati looked at red light cameras, they made an effort to not make the mistakes other cities had made before. The fear mongering lies spouted by COAST & the NAACP put the kibosh on one of the best planned systems in the country.
But the state of Ohio could demand:
  • All citations must be issued by a local police officer
  • Service providers cannot profit from issuing more tickets - flat fees only
  • The presence of cameras must be announced via signage
  • Only traffic & Police can pick the locations of cameras to avoid politicizing their use
I'm sure there's all sorts of other crap they could do and, with their disdain for the local governments of Ohio, they could easily wipe out any local bans on the use of this cost saving, life saving tech.

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