Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mann Tackles Scalping

Cincinnati had an anti-scalping law but repealed it in 1982 - when Mann was in office. Why he's all hot on scalping now is anybody's guess.
Ohio has no anti-scalping laws & lets cities do what they want. Cincinnati quasi bans street scalping & requires some kind of license to resell from an office but internet sales go beyond the city's reach.
Scalping in Cincinnati went big time in the 90s when Bill Meister took to hiring people to buy tickets that he would resell. This came to a head when he managed to score almost half the seats for a Prince Purple Rain show.
Nowadays you just write/buy a program and bypass the pesky employees.
The current Lumenocity fracas was kind of inevitable & unfortunate but the only way to get around it is for the people to just not buy from scalpers. Of course then Prince would have played to a half empty arena & Washington Park would be about half empty for Lumenocity 2014, so…..
But I have no idea what Mann intends to do NOW. He's been around for all the other scalping controversies. He's been in legislative positions during those issues. How did he vote on repealing the anti-scalping law that was in place in the 80s?
Dude's weird...

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