Friday, June 27, 2014

Engineering Safety

There's an intersection in Cincinnati that folks have identified as being clearly engineered poorly.
Two neighborhood/light industrial streets with plenty of screwed up pavement from utility work, they have 25 MPH speed limits (ignored) and the east west street has a standard stop sign. Traveling east from the intersection leads to a dead end.
Bothe streets are flat & they intersect at right angles.

Looking east

Looking north

Looking west

Looking south
A clear engineering failure and an obvious calamity waiting to happen.
The American auto lobby would tell us to widen the streets and raise the speed limits. Holland would tell us to get rid of the stop signs. Folks in the neighborhood who routinely complain about the rough roads want speed bumps AKA, nicely paved rough roads that are a disaster for bicyclists & snowplows.
One way to draw attention to the intersection would be to install a dozen girls marching in a circle in the intersection wearing cowboy boots, glittery swimsuits and waving flags, singing & shooting pistols in the air.
The thing is - why do we see it as an engineering problem?
When people misuse guns, there's no shortage of folks screaming to take away guns. When people misuse their cars - it's a traffic engineering problem. I don't get it.
How about yanking more drivers licenses? If people prove they cannot use a deadly machine on public roadways, don't let them !
Meanwhile, we can work on engineering safer guns.
I guess...

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