Sunday, February 15, 2015

Keep Hamilton County Safe

When Dr Sammarco ran for the Hamilton County Coroner's position, she campaigned on a platform of modernization, moving the office into the 21st century, making it a profitable regional department by offering services to nearby counties & such. Her opponent specifically campaigned on a platform of "whatever, we can just do it the way we always have".
So it was kind of odd to see HamCoGOP chair say
The current Coronor [sic] has focused so much on doing things the same old way that has refused to consider new and better ways to do her job.
That's not what she has been doing and he was AOK when his cousin campaigned on that same platform.
He further whines about how we should have a regional crime lab when that's exactly what Sammarco is promoting. Triantifilou & Hartmann would prefer using OPM in a big central government statist manner.
Now the coroner, sheriff, auditor, recorder & others are campaigning to move forward with modernizing a crime lab that will serve the region while Republican commissioners & leadership sit on their hands & gamble with our safety, something they describe as a luxury. Check out
The HamCoGOP has had it out for the coroner since Day 1 with their frivolous law suits & character assassination. They will, apparently, not stop spouting lies & twisting the truth to put their friends & relatives into power.

Fishwarp article with the chairman's dervish-like palaver here.

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