Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Shiva and the Autonomous Auto

With the advent of the self driving car, people's driving habits as well as car ownership habits are going to change.
This article at NBR discusses how some auto manufacturers will likely not survive the transition. They suggest people will likely cut back on or eliminate car ownership and use 'shared' vehicles - essentially using cabs without drivers. So cabbies are going to take a hit, too.
But with larger fleets of cab like vehicles there will probably be more jobs cleaning the things. People won't be driving so they will likely engage in other activities, like eating, drinking, taking drugs & having sex. There's going to be a lot more cleaning than nowadays with crumbs, popcorn, stains & such.
But will this really mean more low level jobs or will robots take over this sector as well? If the vehicles are designed to be easily cleaned, OK. But it might just be one of those jobs that will require humans. Low level transhumans maybe, transubhumans?

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