Thursday, February 12, 2015

Legal Pot - WTH ?

While Ohio is facing 2 - 3 competing ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana, Washington & Colorado are having their growing pains with the legal stuff.
Figuring out your federal taxes on something the feds still treat as illegal is only one issue.
The price on the open market is another issue. This statement kinda knocked my socks off.
"In the early days, we were able to get, like, $1,700 to $2,200 a pound, wholesale. Now it's like $700, $800 a pound,” he said. "That's not profitable at all. I've got most of my stuff stashed away for later."
OK, checking for inflation a pound of pot should go for about $800 nowadays. But part of the high price for, remember, a weed, was due to it being contraband and risky to grow, move & sell. Now it's legal, a weed that anybody can grow & this guy needs about $2,000 a pound to be profitable?
Granted, that's about what it costs me to grow a pound of tomatoes, but something ain't right here.

Read all about it at NBR.

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