Monday, February 23, 2015

Location Location Location

This article at Urbanfuk talks about cities that are luring movie makers away from Hollywood. Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Cincinnati, New Orleans, and Pittsburgh make the list. While largely due to tax incentives, there's a degree of talent in the cities & digital film making has made it a lot easier to pick up & go.
One of the bestest TV shows in the past 1,000 years was Route 66. That show was filmed entirely on location as two young men drove around the United States in a sports car. OK, a couple sports cars and sometimes the locations weren't the stated locations but, still....
The thing is, the series served to document these various locations in the early 60s. You can skip the show & just watch the backgrounds. Wouldn't it be great to do another series that actually went around & shot on location? It could document the country as Route 66 did but in the 21st century.
Dunno if a producer could get tax credits from multiple cities for single episodes, but, hey, a guy can dream.

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