Tuesday, May 18, 2010

After Hours at the Casino / Club Ritz Part 2

I posted this video awhile ago. Recently the state legislature has been working on whether to allow free drinks, 24 hour drinking & age limits at the casino on Broadway Commons. There has also been a murder in Club Ritz.
WCPO reports that patrons believe private security allows guns inside. Another questions the metal detector wands functionality. I have questioned, in the past, if the police urging the use of off duty police was just a way of getting some more pay for fellow officers. These accusations from Club Ritz patrons lend some credibility to the concerns of the police over private security. In the video the Club Ritz managers discuss the money they have spent on security.
The Fishwrap reports on some of the aspects of the regulations concerning the casinos. Legislators are allowing for inspectors but no requirements for security minimums are listed. Patrons will have to be 21 or older. Some bars have established 35 & older when their licenses are threatened.
I am really looking forward to seeing how things pan out at the casino. I think Club Ritz is pretty much doomed.

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