Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Bicycle Friendliness

The other day I rode on a street with "sharrows". Ludlow Avenue. I rode helmetless. It has been pointed out that sharrows increase motorist awareness of cyclists. It has also been proven that helmetless riders are given a wider berth by motorists. Sharrowmagic didn't work for me. Cars seemed to pass closer, actually. On my return trip, sharrowmagic didn't give me any joy with the traffic lights, either.
While in Clifton, I visited the Bender Optical Memorial park. It is a big slab of pavement with a couple trees towards the sidewalk, some black benches & a couple tables. This will, no doubt, be incredibly popular in July and August when visitors can pass out from sunstroke while frying eggs on the black benches. As I looked around for what obviously should have been there, a bike rack, I was left wanting.
So lets go the other route.
Spring Grove Avenue. Much of Spring Grove is nice and wide & pretty accommodating for bikes. On stretch that is not is between Winton & Mitchell. There are wide sidewalks there (between Winton & Clifton) and recent construction led me to think maybe the little used sidewalk would be narrowed & the street widened.

nope. The sidewalk is being narrowed but the street is staying the same & it's looking like grass will be put in. No improvements for anybody but nore maintenance for somebody
When I got to the Kenard Kroger I found the bicycle parking eliminated by overpriced plants.


Kroger's hatred is not limited to just cyclists, however.

They hate their postal customers, too.
So, even with all the well intentioned systems in place, it still isn't getting through to people. Maybe it's because they keep getting clonked in the noggin while trying to send mail. Beats me.

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