Friday, May 28, 2010

Funerary Fun !

Every year around Memorial Day a number of families of Scottish descent pay tribute to their ancestors at Spring Grove Cemetery. In the midwest we tend to bury our dead in boring ceremonies & go on. Other cultures pay a bit more attention. Dia de la Muerte is a good example to the south.
These guys at Spring Grove celebrate their dead with lavish decorations that kind of stand out in the generally staid cemetery.
If you are going this weekend, just get lost & enjoy yourself. To find the "gypsy" graves -
Enter the cemetery from Spring Grove Avenue. You will be heading north when you enter. Turn left/west. From the funeral home entrance just stay to your left. From the main entrance, go under the railroad bridge & hang a left. Go past this lake & head North (right).

John Robinson (circus owner) has a crypt just east of the lake

Travel north til you see this gate on your left

And this monument on your right.

On the first road past the monument go right (east). Explore.
Or on the first road south of the monument head east along the north shore of a pond & pay a visit to Powell Crosley.

As usual, don't bug, photograph people, leave the decorations alone. The people in white SUVs are watching you.
Anyway, Spring Grove is hosting events all weekend, so you can have a fun time in an extremely rigid excursion (You can talk to Lincoln!), or you can just relax & take in the beauty & history.

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