Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Want Torture ?

What did I tell you was going to happen? Videos & ads of worst case animal abuse presented to you by animal rights organizations in an effort to nudge you into a vegan diet.
03/08/10 post here.
Now the Fishwrap reports Mercy For Animals, MFA, has produced a video documenting, yup, worst case animal abuse. The Fishwrap makes the common mistake of labeling the group an animal welfare group instead of what it is, an animal rights group.
Mercy for Animals deserves some credit for bringing these abusive farmers to light but, since evidence was obtained illegally I don't know if it could be used in court. It can probably only be used in their propoganda that, today, is timely in HSUS ballot campaign. Coincidence?
In 2009 MFA trespassed onto a egg laying farm & documented real & perceived animal abuse. Due to the illegal nature of their actions the Ohio Department of Agriculture urged farmers to file charges against the organization. The state prosecutors, however, did not pursue charges.
If these guys worked with law enforcement & the ODA, they might effect some mainstream ethical change. That is not their goal.
One of MFAs complaints was the killing of male chicks. As roosters don't lay eggs & don't grow fast enough to be harvested for meat, large capacity farms have no use for them. City dwellers who might be willing to raise them for meat are stymied by municipal laws outlawing roosters. Animal rights folks are not inclined to change that bit of legislation, however, since their ultimate goal is a vegan world.
Animal rights philosophy? From MFAs website:
"non-human animals are irreplaceable individuals with morally significant interests and hence rights."
(It's kinda difficult to get into their site since they are promoting their latest bit of sensationalism.)
My cat's morally significant interests were, sleeping, shredding, shedding, killing & eating.

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