Friday, March 27, 2009

Before the bastards at Habitat for Humanity got their mitts on the property(:-)), this is what 2535/7 McMicken looked like.
Well, not all the time. This was early one February morning.
I used to walk down to a doughnut store on Central Parkway for coffee, a doughnut and a paper on Sunday mornings. They had a "No Smoking" section there. It was a stool with a sign over it that said "No Smoking Section" & had an arrow pointing straight down. After they closed, I would go to a corner pony keg I think was called the M&M. It was also the headquarters for Fudpucker Airlines. It was at the corner of McMicken and Marshall (M&M). The owners, an elderly couple, liked to engage people in discussions ranging from sports to politics and, a favorite of the gentleman, WWII aviation. Eventually, they retired and sold the store.
I took this picture one winter morning when everything had been coated with ice overnight and then the temperature started to rise and everything was foggy and noisy with the sound of the dripping, melting ice. My crappy little image made with a crappy little camera really doesn't do it justice but a lot of the image is just the memory, anyway.
It doesn't mean shit to a tree.

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