Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A new feature here at Blogging Isn't Cool is inspired by The Simultaneous Journal project and an old buddy sending me a (huge) scan of all his old concert ticket stubs. Coinciding with Mick Jones talking about his collection of memorabilia, I got to poking around in old dusty boxes of crap and, since I don't have an original thought to my name, decided I would get in on the act.
For the most part, all I have are ticket stubs and a few flyers from the 80s Jockey Club shows. I actually have a couple recordings. I will try to recount stuff as best I can.
March 25 1972, I saw Yes at Columbus, Ohio's Veteran's Memorial Auditorium.
Yes was a British progressive art rock kinda band that had had some success in England but really didn't get anywhere in the US til they released their album, Fragile. They boasted a blend of rock and classical music. Dunno about that. The band featured 2 virtuosos, Steve Howe on guitar and Rick Wakeman on keyboards. The rest of the band weren't slackers by any means, Chris Squire's bass being a hallmark of their sound.
I went with a group of buds and, while they all had tickets, I did not. I went halfway assuming I would be standing around outside for several hours. I did get a ticket & it was great. I sat very close to the stage right in front of Steve Howe !
Vet's Memorial was a nice facility. Smoking was not allowed whereas it was at most arenas where concerts usually took place. Smoking was allowed in the lounge, so going to the bathroom was kinda like going to the restroom at high school - it was like walking into a thick blue cloud.
On the back of the ticket stub I wrote Holy Smoke. That was the opening act. I have absolutely no idea who they were.

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