Sunday, March 01, 2009

A funny bit from the Conan O'Brien Show. I saw it over at the HCGOP blog & I was going to post a comment there but I couldn't.
Why ?
I guess the HamCoGOP doesn't want to hear from me. Guess they don't give a shit what the public has to say.
Seems like every time I hear Republicans speak nowadays they seem to be talking to aliens from outer space. They seem completely out of touh with what's going on here on Earth. Maybe because they don't listen to people who don't vomit their script back at them.
During the last primary season, the GOP presidential hopefuls all wore their religion on their sleeves and boasted about their religiousness. They all claimed the economy was AOK. The only dissenter was Ron Paul who discussed the essence of Christian morality in our foreign policy and warned of the impending economic meltdown. The other Republicans laughed at him and dismissed his ideas.
I was just reading about the 1940 political conventions. The ones that gave us Roosevelt and Willkie. The conventions were full of back stabbing double crossing hard core political dealing. But nowadays we have completely staged, boring, flaccid dog & pony shows where anybody who doesn't toe the party line is persona non grata. Like Ron Paul.
I guess that is what Alex Triantafilou wants his blog to be. It just seems to go against the spirit of what the founding fathers were after.
The cover article over at The American Conservative this month is How Radio Wrecks the Right.
It talks about how conservative talk radio lures in some dumb rednecks but does nothing to promote and actually hurts serious critical intellectual conservative conversation. Apparently Rush Limbaugh sees himself as the heir to William Buckley's mantle?!??!?!?
Locally, of course the standard bearer for conservatism on the radio is a rhetoric spewing controversialist with the delivery of a carny barker outside the freakshow.
And the party wants to field a local candidate who, as a preacher, told people they could get rich if they came to his church.....
Certainly not the Christianity of my parents.
I guess that's just how they want it.

BTW, Firing Line episodes are available at Amazon for about $9 - $10 a pop.

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