Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Traffic Signal

yeah, it's another one of my year & a half later movie reviews.....
This movie was hailed as some kinda great depiction of the street life of the poor in India. Well, maybe - if the street people are all clean, healthy, intelligent, articulate, mentally stable people. It seemed more like a 80s feelgood movie. Maybe a Disneyworld version of Washington Parkland. The way everybody got along and loved the guy they paid protection money to was, I am sure, spot on.
As far as an enjoyable movie goes, it was fine. It's listed as a drama but has quite a bit of humor. The breezy character development kinda sucked any drama out of it. The photography & acting are fine. The writing and direction were a bit off. The movie dragged somewhat & was kinda disjointed.
Needless to say, my crush du jour is Nitu Chandra.

Probably the worst thing about this movie was that I really wanted some Indian food afterwards but, even though there are 3 or 4 restaurants nearby in Clifton, it was late and they were all closed. I need to learn how to cook that stuff.....

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