Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In an effort to crack down on terrorism, the London Police Dept has launched a campaign promoting citizen vigilance. Sounds ok, we oughtta know our neighbors for a number of reasons, but would we do this in Cincinnati ?
Most of us miss the fun of spying on the neighbors via examining their trash because we drive by at 25 mph, listening to obnoxious djs screaming and cackling about boobies and poopie. If you ride the bus or walk to work, trash day can be a ton-o-fun.
But now it's serious.

Your neighbor could be planning on blowing up local landmarks like the Cinti. Metal Blast building or Art Damage Lodge. International terrorists will be sure to leave their evidence out on the sidewalk on trash day and only you can report this to the police who refuse to get out of their cars.
I can't help but think the London police will set up "tip stations" like the ones used in the movie Fahrenheit 451. I also can't help but think the police will get inundated with reports from cranky old neighborhood gossips.
While I doubt any evidence found locally will lead to any international terrorists, it might lead to catching vandals like these goombahs from Amelia & New Richmond.

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