Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

Taking a page from The Black Fist Blog (hey X! Activate yer comments!), I give you The Human Switchboard. The above recording was made on a $19 tape deck at The She Club in The Gem City in 1980. Sorry about the ultra Lo-Fi ®, but, hey, it was the 70s. I am also new to Audacity so I am not sure how to use the various gadgetry. I located a bunch of old tapes recently & hope to post some more weird ass locally recorded crap in the future.
The Switchboard knocked around Ohio & New York for some time before breaking up in the mid 80s. The leader went on to run Disney's Hollywood Records for awhile.
Anyway, here's about the closest thing they ever had to a hit (shot in NYC).

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