Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Todd Rundgren Palace Theater, Dayton 1974

An ex-student teacher at my high school convinced the school to let him teach an advanced psychology course. You were supposed to have some minimum grade average, completed the standard psychology class & you had to get permission to take the class on top of that. My grades were borderline but I got in. One day while biking through the park on a nice sunny day I spied a hot chick drinking wine while sitting on a blanket. She was drinking the wine out of a glass. I had to stop. When I approached her I noticed she was sitting amidst a sea of papers. As we chatted I found out she was my psychology teacher's girlfriend (or one of 'em) and she was grading the class' papers. She had given me a B. She said I had taken an interesting approach to the subject. We smoked a joint.
I went to this show with the little sister of the girl I went to see Rundgren with at the Xavier Fieldhouse. I dropped acid. It was a weeknight & I had a psychology test the next day.
So who should I run into at the concert? yup - the psychology teacher & his girlfriend. Teach told me he hoped I studied for the test. right...
It was a fun show. I think I actually did ok on the test.
I loved The Palace.

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