Sunday, March 21, 2010

Is Monica Crowley Dawn ?

As far as I know the two have never been seen together. Joseph Michael Linsner and Crowley were both "born" in 1968. Coincidence ?
Monica Crowley and Dawn look similar. They part their hair on different sides & Crowley's mascara doesn't run like Dawn's.
Crowley has admitted to hiding the possible truth of her relation to the famous occultist, Aleister Crowley to Stephen Colbert on Halloween night no less.
In 1989 when Dawn was "born", Crowley claims to have been writing fan letters to disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon - a story so fantastic that it's incredulity isn't even questioned. Could it actually be that she had taken to her great grandfather's occult teachings, donned lingerie with skull pattern lace and, from hell, invaded Joseph Michael Linsner's dreams ?
Does Crowley's insistence on the rebith of a conservative Republican party not fit in line with the plot of this story? Does it not fit with her great grandfather's alchemical beliefs ?
Crowley has yet to confirm or deny the fact that she is a supernatural comic book character. She continually avoids the issue by talking about politics. Eventually McLaughlin will live up to his "hard hitting" reputation & corner Crowley on this issue.
I'll be waiting & watching.

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