Monday, March 08, 2010

They're Back !

The Fishwrap reports that HSUS is beginning to collect signatures for a ballot measure aimed at controlling our yet to be formed state Animal Care Board.

Get ready for some gruesome ads with celebrities that will make you wince. They will tell us that these worst practices are mainstream. They will ask us for money. They will not tell us that they are not in the animal welfare business & they will not clarify that they have nothing to do with local humane societies nor are they a part of the federal government. They are really in the business of fundraising & the top dogs make some nice cash.

This chart is posted by John Dillard, a law student at the Richmond School of Law in a posting, The Myth of the Humane Society of the United States.
This Washington D.C. organization is not interested in Ohioans best interests. It, almost literally, wants to ram it's vegetarian agenda down our throats (sorry, couldn't resist).
If you are approached to sigh their petition, I urge you to not sign. Throwing cats at them is optional.

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