Monday, March 08, 2010

Johnny Cash - Cincinnati Music Hall 1981

This was billed as the Johnny Cash Family or something. June Carter appeared & some little boy came out & sang. Rosanne Cash & Carlene Carter did not perform.
Getting to the show was pretty stupid. Al drove. We had been to the venue before but short term memory loss kicked in. Al said he knew where Music Hall was. It was the big half dome art deco place you saw from the highway. I knew the building & told myself Al was right. ~Rule #1 - doh!~ Imagine our surprise when we got to the place & nobody was there. Some old guy out front gave us directions. Fortunately, Music Hall is a straight shot about a mile away.
Before we went in, we had to answer nature's call. We stopped in an alley & relieved ourselves on some trash cans. We heard movement behind the trash cans. I kicked the one I was marking. Rats scurried away & down the alley. I thought it was hilarious. When I moved to Cincinnati later, I remember seeing bright orange stickers on trash cans without lids. The stickers read, "Starve Rats". I always thought that was pretty cool.
Sat in the balcony. Cash played a bunch of old tunes & hits. It was extremely family oriented & upbeat.

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