Monday, September 22, 2014


My dear reader is looking at this thinking, "great, Quimbob, an old fucking Taco Hell. The 19¢ tacos are vaguely sentimental, but, so what?"
But this is not any Taco bell, dear friend, this is not only the first Taco Bell in Springfield, Ohio, it was the first Taco Bell east of the Mississippi!
Opened around 68-69 the place was constantly packed as people scarfed down the rare & exotic fare like the Bell Beefer or whatever the thing was that put taco ingredients on a bun.
The Lopez family quick;y expanded the tiny building & established more stores around town.
Open late, it was a great place to go after closing down the bars and a great place to watch high school kids fight in the parking lot after ball games. Burritos, beer & teenage fisticuffs - oboy...

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