Saturday, September 06, 2014

The Bag (factory) Lady

Actual Google Street View image
A chick works at the bag factory down the street from me. For years, every morning, I would walk up the street to the bus stop and pass her as she was walking from the bus stop. She would frequently cross the street to avoid me but, probably because she was only half awake, she did not. I would say "hi", "good morning" or something and she would just walk past in silence.
In the afternoons, when she was more alert, she would always cross the street to avoid me as we passed on our reverse routes.
One day, there was some street closure and our mutual bus stop was cut off and the bus was detoured about 3 blocks from the south & 2 blocks from the north. As the bag lady and I approached I crossed the street to tell her that she would have to change her plans. She looked at me in a subdued panic & after I explained the situation to her, she mumbled an "oh, thanks" turned her head down & walked on. In probably 10 years that was the only time I ever heard her voice.
Anyway, now she is blurrily immortalized temporarily in Google Street View at the bus stop.

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